Adopt a school, Plant a fruit, Feed a child!


    Through partnership and advocacy, the Water, Food Security, Environmental and Renewable Energy needs of our communities along the Kerio Valley-Kenya, and the surrounding counties are being met

    Baringo County- Addition to 2015 Donations

    • Kisonei Primary School- 50 mangoes
    • Sorok Primary School- 70 mangoes
    • Cheplongon Primary School- 61 mangoes
    • Eitui Primary School- 50 mangoes
    • Mogorwa Primary School- 70 mangoes
    • Lelbatai Primary School- 30 mangoes
    • Kamuma Primary School- 30 mangoes
    • Cheplambus Primary School- 70 mangoes
    • Kaseret Primary School- 70 mangoes
    • Baringo County- new schools on donation list

    • Kapkut Primary School- 100 mangoes (thank you Simon Kelum for adopting your former school)
    • Kabimoi High School- 100 mangoes (thank you Mama Esleen Tallam for your contributions)
    • AIC Kapkelelwa Secondary School- 100 mangoes
    • Eron Primary School- 50 mangoes (thank you Clement Rutto for your contributions)
    • Salawa Primary School- 60 mangoes (thank you Clement Rutto for your contributions)
    • Kurumpopsoo Primary School- 50 mangoes
    • Kisok Mixed Day Secondary School- 80 mangoes (thank you Jackson Changwony for your contributions)
    • Kaptara Primary School- 20 mangoes
    • Kipsoit Primary School- 20 mangoes
    • Kakwane Primary School- 20 mangoes
    • Chesongo Primary School- 20 mangoes
    • Kapyemit Primary School- 20 mangoes Thank you Councillor Ben Sergon for your 100 mango seedlings donations to the 5 primary schools)

    Mango trees

    Elgeyo Marakwet County:

    Thank you Elgeyo County Government, Eng. Simon Kiplagat, Hon. MCA Gilbert Kaptugen, Wilso Rutto and Sammy Chebii your support

    • Chepsirei Primary School- 40 mangoes
    • Kapkono Primary School- 50 mangoes
    • Koimur Primary School- 50 mangoes
    • Kimoloi Primary School- 40 mangoes
    • Katumoi Primary School- 40 mangoes
    • Munyek Primary School- 20 mangoes

    For tax deductible donations: please go to (1 mango seedling cost about $1.50)

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