Adopt a school, Plant a fruit, Feed a child!

  • What is Adopt a school, Plant a fruit, Feed a child!?

    This is a Friends of the Valley (FOTV) program launched in 2016, which:

    • Targets communities along the Kerio Valley-Kenya, and the surrounding counties
    • Allows Friends of the Valley to choose a school or church or a community of their choice back in Kenya, and support to grow fruits
    • For those in the U.S., they can donate funds (minimum $250.00 through FOTV and qualify for federal tax deductions), and choose the type of fruits to plant

    Next Steps after the donation:

    • FOTV will ask that the donor identifies the contact person at their chosen school (Head Teacher), church (patrons/pastors) or community (village elders/leaders), who will then assist with the logistics when the time to plant comes
    • FOTV will also link the leaders at the chosen institutions with FOTV-Kenya Community Based Organization (CBO) officials, who will then be responsible for executing the program in Kenya.
    • The schools/churches/communities must commit to ensure that fruits are taken care of by : watering/fencing/weeding
    • FOTV-Kenya and FOTV- will commit to tracking the fruits survival rate until the first harvest. The schools/churches/communities with the help of the donors, will need to provide quarterly updates
    • FOTV will publish the quarterly survival rates logs and announce publicly in the media, i.e. Kass FM, which should create accountability and encouragement
    • FOTV will stop tracking the survival rate after the first harvest

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